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Norse Mythology

Hel goddess of the Underworld and other works inspired by Norde mythology.

Nordic Goddess Hel

Hel in Black

Nordic Goddess Hel

Nordic Goddess Hel, Photoshop 2014/2019

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Hel 2014 Portrait

Hel 2014

Hel 2014

Nordic Goddess Hel, Photoshop 2009/2014

Half dead, half alive goddess of the Underworld in Norse mythology. Ruler of Helheim, a realm of cold, hunger and famine, where those who die of sickness and of old age go. Carvings on her throne represent her siblings: the wolf Fenrir, and the world serpent Jörmungandr. All three of them are children of the god trickster Loki and giantess Angrboða.

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Hel 2009/2010
Work in progress 2009/2010

Norse Mythology

To Ragnarök, WIP 2011
To Ragnarök! (WiP, 2011)

Hel i Baldr, WIP 2008
Hel and Baldr (WiP, Painter 2008)

Baldr (WIP)
Baldr (WiP, 2008)

Loki, szkic 2009
Loki (Sketch 2009)

"Liar" (2012) | Loki in the modern times
Ispired by "Kłamca" ("Liar") by J. Ćwiek.
Full view in the main gallery.